Abigail Ifatola Jefferson


Imani's Heart

The Dancing Angel
by Abigail Jefferson
and Chaka Bedell

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Bookcover Imani's Heart
ISBN 0-9724003-2-X
8 in. x 8 in. book
laminated hard cover,
33 pages.

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Meet Imani, a dancing angel with a mission.

Imani’s Heart
tells of life with a purpose and how we touch our loved ones before returning to the place from which we came.

Parents Guide by
Dr. Audrey Lucas, PhD

Ten year old Chaka loved listening to stories. One day, Chaka was feeling sad because her best friend, Imani, had passed away. Providing comfort, Chaka’s mom shared this gentle story of a delightful angel.

Imani is an angel who loves to dance. Her deepest wish is to visit planet Earth, so she convinces skeptical Oludamare, the sky god, to let her go. Imani promises that if her wish is
granted, she will fill hearts with love. While visiting Earth, Imani makes many friends, but she finds that all that glitters is not gold. As Oludamare had cautioned, there were many hearts in need of mending, and there was much trouble and strife. However, Imani has faith and believes that by sharing her joy, she will bring people together.

This inspirational story of compassion and grace is accompanied by beautiful, illuminating paintings by Alvin Burts which capture Imani’s giving heart.


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